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We are Creatives!
designing, thinking, brainstorming, building, problem-solving, prose-writing, crafting, growing, connecting, communicating, laughing….. and joni mitchell.
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Long story short

Dandelion-Studios is a digital media agency based in Los Angeles, CA. Founded by Danielle Grilli, who fell into (and in love with) web development and management while working as a content and marketing director, we specialize in custom websites, social media marketing, digital project management, e-mail marketing, branding, and content development. With a love for the great entrepreneurial spirit, we work with small and large businesses, individuals, and non-profits to build beautiful, customized sites, optimizations, and marketing plans. With creativity always at the fore, we work hard to create product that we can all be proud of.

What’s in a name?




Sometimes words have meaning. When Danielle set out to launch the company, she did so with the most important thing in the world in mind – her daughter. One day, as they were off exploring (as they are still wont to do), the two girls sat down to do what they always do during their small rests – make their wishes on the wild dandelions. With that the name was born. Dandelion-Studios strives not only to fulfill those first wishes, but also the dreams of those who choose to work with us. We don’t take wishes lightly.

Our Team

Meet our managers!

Danielle Grilli
Founder of Dandelion-Studios

Founder of Dandelion-Studios, Danielle manages all projects, big and small. Danielle is a creative by nature with over twenty years in the field of online publishing, site development, and online marketing and optimization. 

Dag Flater

Dag Flater is the resident site design and development coding genius at Dandelion-Studios. From large corporate and union sites, to product-abundant e-commerce sites, to personal weblogs, there is no job too big or too small for Dag. An expert in all the languages, he’s a little bit of a computer geek, but we love him.

Libby Wollems
Project Manager and Brand Developer

Libby Woolems is the vision master at Dandelion-Studios. With a background in art direction and project management, she uses her brilliant and creative mind to look outside the box when approaching new projects. Libby is sharp as a tack. We all love her ideas and so do our clients.